Sunday • 2006-09-17

Japan - Argentina   2 : 1

2:1 (0:0)


Satinder Kumar (IND)
Christian Blasch (GER)


37'   1:0 Kazuo Yoshida (PS)
56'   1:1 Rodrigo Nicolas Vila (PC)
69'   2:1 Kazuyuki Ozawa


A late goal ensured Japan's 2:1 victory against Argentine. From the start the asians were into the game much better then the Argentineans, who seemed to be tired. Achilles' heel to Japan's attacks once more was the scoring, so both teams went into the half-time break without any goals.

The Japanese lead was scored after a standard situation in the 37th minute, as Argentinean captain German Mariano Orozco could stop a penalty corner flick on the line only by foot. The following penalty corner was converted by Kazuo Yoshida. After taking the lead Japan grew more defensive, and as a result Argentine came back into the match. Putting high pressure on the Japanese circle, it was just a question of time until Rodrigo Nicolas Vila in the 56th minute scored the equalizer by converting a penalty corner.


After that, Argentine was much closer to victory than Japan, but Japanese goalkeeper Hirofumi Miyoshi made a number of brilliant saves. Finally it was in the 68th minute that a Japanese counter-attack decided the match, as after capatain Kazayuki Ozawa's shot the ball was in the goal and after video decision the goal was given.

Japan are happy to finish the BDO World Cup with a victory and may be contempt with the resulting ninth place. Argentine showed a dissapointing match, but some fighting spirit towards the end. • 2006 © Deutscher Hockey-Bund e.V. | gamma software gmbh • Impressum • 24.02.2024

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