Saturday • 2006-09-09

Argentina - Australia   0 : 4

0:4 (0:3)


Andy Mair (SCO)
Satinder Kumar (IND)


23'   0:1 Luke Doerner (PC)
24'   0:2 Russel Ford
30'   0:3 Michael McCann
55'   0:4 Robert Hammond


Australia started off with an aggressive pressing and forced the Argentineans to mistakes in their set up. Most attacks came over Troy Elder and McCann, who kept the Argentinean defenders busy. In the 24th minute Australia used their second corner to score their first goal 1:0. Troy Elder was on the bench so Luke Doerner took the responsibility and his drag flick went past the keeper into the right side of the goal. Australia scored the 2:0 in the 25th minute. Ford picked up a rebound and hit the ball into the back of the net, no chance for the keeper.

Argentina tried to get back into the match by playing an aggressive fore-checking, however had a hard time to get into the Australian circle. McCann scored the third goal for Australia in the 29th minute. Hammond had nearly lost the ball but managed to pass it to McCann who only had to push the ball into the goal.


In the beginning of the first half Argentina tried to press the Australians into their own half and even had the chance to score twice. However a corner saved by the Australian keeper Lambert, and a shot against the post denied the Gauchos a goal. The counter attack by Australia lead to the 4:0, Hammond scored after a brilliant pass by Ford. Australia was clearly dominating the match and even after the yellow card for McCann the fans still saw a dominating Aussie team. Troy Elder was in control of the Australian team and regularly found his teammates with brilliant passes.

A deserved win for the Australians, who dominated the game for the entire time. • 2006 © Deutscher Hockey-Bund e.V. | gamma software gmbh • Impressum • 25.04.2024

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