Wednesday • 2006-09-06

Germany - India   3 : 2

3:2 (1:0)


David Leiper (SCO)
Sumesh Putra (CAN)


27'   1:0 Christopher Zeller (PC)
57'   1:1 Shivendra Singh (PC)
59'   2:1 Oliver Hentschel (PC)
64'   2:2 Shivendra Singh
70'   3:2 Christopher Zeller


The opening match of the Hockey World Cup 2006 Mönchengladbach saw the hard-won victory of the host team over India.

Both teams began the first have with a careful and disciplined approach, with the german team looking the more active. The first good chance for the Germans came after 4 minutes. Moritz Fürste’s run from mid-field and his clean pass set Witthaus up for a direct shot on the Indian goal from 12 meters, which was saved by D’Souza, the Indian goal keeper. Germany disrupted the attempts of the Indians to build an attack in the early stages, holding them in midfield and hoping for a counter attack. In the 7th minute came a diving pass from Emmerling (250 Caps) to C. Zeller, who’s reverse hit ,with a dynamic left turn,came off the post.

India seemed to wake up and raise their game but their attacks were held off by Crone. Germany adopted a more defensive strategy now, with the whole team remaining in their own half. The first real threat from India came in the 14th minute with D. Tirkey’s approach into the D from the right, a dangerous situation diffused by Bubolz. Within a minute the threat had returned with Bubolz deflecting another shot from a narrow angle. At this point the match was beset with a number of indiviual, technical mistakes. It wasn’t until the 23rd minute that the Germans made another dangerous attack on the Indian defense. Local hero Montag steamed his way into the D gaining a short corner, which C.Zeller then converted with a low flick to the left.

The Indians replied just 2 minutes later with Halappas’ cross from the wing was intersected by Bubolz. M. Fürste injured his hand in the cross and left the field for the rest of the half. Although the match as a whole was fair and sportsmanlike, there was a small disagreement over a German free hit just outside the Indian D, during which the Indian K. Singh was given a yellow card. Then just before half time a pass from Montag to Witthaus at the far post who just missed it.


India returned from the locker room with a much more aggressive approach and created the first chance of the second half in the 38th minute. However, Tirkey’s shot from the edge of the D was easily saved by Bubolz. Crone sustained a small head injury whilst clearing from an Indian attack, but was able to play on after some minor medical attention. In this period Germany made a lot of unforced errors and consequently lost possession, while India remained the more dominant team. Suddenly came a counter attack, through Montag, Witthaus and Fürste but this was saved by the goal keeper.

A reverse hit by Tirkey in the 49th minute threatened the germans, but Bubolz remained strong. India were given their first corner in the 50th minute. K Singh’s shot was deflected by the goal keeper towards Weß. The resulting corner was taken in exactly the same way by the Indians and was finally converted by Shivendra Sing through a second attack. Unlike with the first Indian goal, This seemed to wake the German team up and within minutes Weißenborn came through the baseline on the right and found an Indian foot. This time C. Zeller feined a shot and moved to the left lifting the ball slightly into the goal.

The match gained in momentum as it went on. Though Germany created more pressure on the Indian defense, the equalizing goal was practically gifted to the Indians. A poor pass on the quarter line was carelessly lost to the Indians, two of whom played the ball past the defense giving Shivendra Singh an easy push into the goal.

With 5 minutes left on the clock Germany went on the offensive again and were rewarded just 2 minutes from the final whistle. Good preparation on the left was finished off with a dive across the goal line by C. Zeller, giving him his second goal of the day.

Overall, it was the greater control the German team had over the game that gave them their victory over an evenly matched opponent. • 2006 © Deutscher Hockey-Bund e.V. | gamma software gmbh • Impressum • 21.04.2024

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