2006-08-29 • The 10th Düsselschlenzer Hockey Meeting as an official DHB Parents Hockey Tournament for the BDO – Mens Hockey World Cup in Mönchengladbach has had an overwhelming response.

With the number of applications received, it would have been possible to organize a second Parents Hockey Tournament. The idea behind “Parents Hockey meets National Team” is to experience the World Championship finals together. The organizers were also amazed at the number of advance bookings made for the Hockey WM. Additional tickets for participants for a 2nd Parents Hockey Tournament are not available. Therefore, the idea of enlarging the tournament and using additional grounds has had to be abandoned.

Unfortunately this has meant that we have had to refuse applications from numerous teams!

Finally, 20 (23) teams will take part in the 10th Düsselschlenzer Hockey Meeting. A special thanks goes out to the teams Mixed Pickles from Essen, HoggyGwerch / R(h)einschlenzer from Erlangen / Düsseldorf and HC Rundschlag / Wolpertinger from Munich. These teams have got together and combined at least two Parent hockey teams, making it possible for more teams to take part, since the maximum number of teams able to participate is 20.

Participating Teams:
Pool A Pool B
Wilde 13 (Klipper THC Hamburg)
Trimhockeyer (MHC Soest, NL)
Gooische (G.H.C. Bussum, NL)
Mamas & Papas (Club Raffelb.)
Düsselschlenzer (DSD Düsseld.)
OldHeideTownKrücken (E. Celle)
Die Mumienschieber (Viersen)
Mixed Pickles (Essen)
Hiesfelder Haie (TV Jahn Hiesf.)
Heiße Cnüppel (HC Hannover)
Pool C Pool D
Die Altonativen (THC Altona B.)
Die Angstgegner (Rüsselsh. RK)
Erl. Hoggy Gwerch/R(h)einschl.
Proseccis (Eintracht Hannover)
Saustark (HC Schweinfurt)
Nordlichter (Flensburger HC)
Sneeker (NL)
HC Rundschlag/Wolpertinger
Lok. Freitag (Düsseld. HC)
Rissener SV (Hamburg)


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