Friday • 2006-09-08

New Zealand - Pakistan   4 : 4

4:4 (2:2)


David Leiper (SCO)
Amarjit Singh (MAS)


9'   0:1 Shakeel Abbasi (PS)
14'   1:1 Dean Couzins (PS)
18'   2:1 Blair Hopping (PC)
21'   2:2 Muhammad Zubair (PC)
36'   3:2 Dean Couzins (PS)
42'   3:3 Rehan Butt
53'   4:3 Hayden Shaw (PC)
65'   4:4 Muhammad Zubair


New Zealand attacked well at the beginning. Most of their attacks included misfiled player Blair Hopping. Already after 40 seconds goalie Salman Akbar had a big save against Gareth Brooks. In minute eight Pakistan got the first shot on goal by Adrian Maqsood. As Rehan Butt went through the defenders of New Zealand, he could only get stopped by a foul of Shea McAleese. The following penalty stroke was used by Shakeel Abbasi.

After Brook's shot contacted the foot of a defender, the umpires decided a penalty stroke for New Zealand. That one was used by Dean Couzins with 83km/h, the keeper got no chance. Not more than three minutes later, New Zealand came in front trough a penalty corner of Hayden Shaw who passes to Hopping.

The next penalty corner for Pakistan meant the 2:2 by Muhammad Zubair. In the 27th minute defender Ihsan Ullah saved great against Bradley Shaw. Also Abbasi wasn't able to use a bad pass by the goalkeeper of New Zealand. But both teams didn't risk anything anymore, they seemed as they like to keep the drawn.


In the second half Bevan Hari became fouled in the circle. Again umpire David Leiper said penalty stroke. It was again Couzin who brought his country 3:2 in front. Pakistan protested because their goalkeeper hasn't been ready for the stroke. In minute 43 Butt made the 3:3, the keeper Paul Woolford couldn't keep the ball although it wasn't a very hard shot on goal.

Hayden Shaw flicked the ball into the net in minute 52, New Zealand was in front again. Sometimes it seemed as New Zealand liked to increase the result but they didn't use the given chances. Six minutes before the game was over, Abbasi attacked very well ground line and passed to Zubair who squared. Both teams got chances for the match ball now, in especially Abbasi and Philip Burrows.

Pakistan got another penalty corner after the game was already over, but Sohail Abbas missed. His coach Nasir Ali said, if Abbas has made the goals by the penalty corners, Pakistan would have won 4:5. His opponent Kevin Towns didn't want to come into a running match with Pakistan. The captain of New Zealand, Ryan Archibald, is the opinion if they are doing well they have a chance to reach the semi-final. • 2006 © Deutscher Hockey-Bund e.V. | gamma software gmbh • Impressum • 29.01.2023

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