Friday • 2006-09-08

Spain - Argentina   1 : 1

1:1 (0:0)


David Gentles (AUS)
Rob ten Cate (NED)


39'   1:0 Eduard Tubau (PC)
50'   1:1 Lucas Hernan Cammareri


Spain dominated the game from the start leaving Argentina to sit back and hope for the opportunity for a counter attack. Spain found their first opening in the 4th minute with an attack by Pol Amat who’s shot just missed the far post. Amat then earned Spain their first short corner but the Argentinian goal keeper just managed to tip it past the post.

Spain continued to dominate the game with many well organized attacks, often let down at the last minute by inaccurate passing.

Both teams failed to put themselves on the score board before half time despite short corner chances for Paredes(Argentina) and Sala (Spain) and Paredes(Argentina.) in the 33rd and 34th minutes respectively.

The Spaniards continued their pressure in the second half and were rewarded in the 40th Minute with Freixa winning a free hit on the edge of D. A dangerous deflection from an Argentinian defender resulted in a Short Corner for the Spaniards. The flick from Ribas to the mid left of the goal was deflected by Vivaldi, only to find the stick of Tubau who fired the ball into the goal.


The Spanish maintained this pressure but the Argentinians looked dangerous in the counter attack. Spain had a narrow escape in the 46th minute when Paredes volley on goal came off the bar. Just 4 minutes later the Argentinians found themselves in a great position in front of the goal after a superb run by Lucas Vial into the D. The first shot on goal was deflected by Cortes, but Luca Cammereri was there at the far post to score for Argentina.

Spain missed two great chances in the 58th minute to take back the lead. Pol Amat was first unable to convert a pass from the short corner, while a reverse hit by S. Freixa flew over the bar. Though Spain still pressured the Argentinian defense, they were unable to create any more real chances despite another short corner won by Freixa.

And so the game was drawn at 1:1, a good result to the Argentinians. Spain were clearly the stronger team though they could quite easily have conceded more goals to the Argentinian counter attack, had they had more luck. Spain now have 4 points after 2 games. Argentina, with just the one, now have little chance of progressing to the next round. • 2006 © Deutscher Hockey-Bund e.V. | gamma software gmbh • Impressum • 29.01.2023

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